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Reaction Kinetics

We have developed a number of kinetics models and pseudo-kinetics models over the years.  Examples include:


  • Toxic industrial chemicals (TICs) such as nitric acid
  • Chemical Agents such as GA, GB and VX
  • Agents of Biological Origin such as botulinum toxin and Staph (Staphelococcal enterotoxin B)


  • Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs)
  • Chemical Agents such as VX and their simulants
  • Biological Agents such as Bacillus anthracis spores and their simulants such as Bacillus thuringiensis spores
  • Fuels such as jet fuels, propane, and hydrogen

Chlorine induced Oxidation

  • Biological agents such as Bacillus anthracis spores and its simulants, various strains of Burkholderia, Francisella tularensis, and Yersinia pestis
  • Chemical agents such as GA, GB and VX
  • Bacteria such as E.coli, helicobacter pylori, salmonella typhi, shigella dysenteriae, and various strains of mycobacteria
  • Protozoa such as cryptosporidium parvum and Giardia lamblia
  • Viruses such as reovirus, rotavirus and poliovirus
  • Toxins such as Ricin, Saxitoxin, T-2, Tetrodotoxin, Anatoxin and Aflatoxin

Hydrolysis of Chemical Agents such as GA and VX
Fluorine induced oxidation of aluminum
Reactions with moisture of titanium tetrachloride, boron trifluoride and chlorine trifluoride

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