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Fire/Flash Discriminator

Drybays may have ignition sources such as gun-fire and penetrating fragments (under combat). However, these may result in a fire/explosion hazard only if there are combustibles (such as fuel leaks) in the drybay. If a fire does develop, it is desirable to rapidly detect the fire and activate fire suppression systems. On the other hand, if only a flash occurs, activation of the fire suppression system would be wasteful and reduces the protection of the bay against subsequent threats.
BlazeTech's fire/flash discriminator measures time resolved radiative emission from drybays at high speed and uses it to detect flashes and differentiate them from fires if the latter do occur. In thirty six gun-fire tests impacting a composite dry bay at a DOE facility, this detector performed very successfully

  • Zero false positives and zero false negatives
  • Fast detection of all fuel fires in <6 ms except for 2 outliers (14 and 16 ms)

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