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Non-Contact Liquid Volume Gauge

Project Summary

Measuring the liquid volume in tanks under the following conditions has been a challenge:

  • Irregular shaped tanks
  • Tanks containing non-homogenous liquids or solids floating on top of liquids
  • Dynamic conditions resulting in non-leveled liquid surface.

We have developed an innovative non-contact method using a single and simple probe. Successful proof-of-concept tests have been conducted at the bench scale over a range of conditions.

Test Results

  • The volumes of spherical and irregular shaped tanks have been measured accurately.
  • Volume measurements under transient conditions are within experimental error.


  • This gauge can accurately measure liquid volume in an irregularly-shaped tank with one probe. Fuel tanks require averaging the measurements of several probes.
  • Being non-contact, it can be used with corrosive and hazardous liquids
  • Dynamic conditions producing non-leveled liquid surfaces have no effect on gauge accuracy.
  • The measurement is insensitive to solids, foams, or other liquid inhomogeneity.
  • It offers cost advantages over existing methods.


  • This technology was successfully proven at the bench scale under varying conditions.
  • Strategic partners are needed for large-scale tests and commercialization.

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