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DHA and Dust Explosion Protection

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NFPA 652 mandates that owners and operators of existing or new combustible or explosive material handling facilities complete a Dust Hazard Assessment (DHA) by September 7, 2020. The stakeholders have to show reasonable progress towards the DHA as that deadline approaches:

  • Identification of all facility combustible dusts and pertinent enclosures
  • Documentation of a draft DHA scope for the specific combustible dusts and the facility
  • Completion, review and dissemination of the DHA by September 7, 2020.

This 2-hour course will help you understand the hazards and prepare you for an effective DHA.

Course Outline

  • Dust Hazard Analysis
    • NFPA 652 requirements and hazard classification
    • Dust properties and behavior in handling systems
    • Combustible concentrations of dispersed dust
    • Ignition temperature vs. accumulated dust layer thickness
  • Mechanism of a dust explosion
    • Deflagration vs. detonation
    • Five requirements of dust explosion
    • Primary and secondary dust explosions
    • Metrics of explosion severity
    • Modeling dust explosion
  • Prevention of dust explosion
    • Dust control challenges
    • Filter selection and maintenance
    • Ignition source control
  • Mitigation via isolation
    • Safety equipment in duct design
    • Flow simulation via Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Explosion venting
    • Principle of venting
    • Vent sizing and design
  • Explosion suppresion
    • Agents selection and delivery
    • Fast detection and response

    Dr.Kulbhushan (Kulu) A. Joshi and Dr. N. Albert Moussa, experts in combustible materials, will present this live course and take questions from the audience. Course fee is $450 per person.

    29 B Montvale Ave.          781-759-0700 (tel)        781-759-0703 (fax)

    Woburn MA 01801