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A Computerized Version of the U.S. Coast Gaurd's CHRIS Hazardous Chemical Data Manual

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Over two decades, the U.S. Coast Guard developed a series of manuals collectively called the Chemical Hazards Response Information System (CHRIS) to assist decision making in emergencies involving accidental releases of chemicals on land or water. The cornerstone of the CHRIS system is the Hazardous Chemical Data Manual, which provides two pages of highly detailed information on over 1200 hazardous substances. An electronic edition of this 20-pound, 2700-page manual called PC CHRIS is now available.

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PC CHRIS (MS-DOS Version) is available from BlazeTech Corp. at a cost of $395 per copy, standard USPS first class shipping and handling included, within the United States and its territories. Add state sales tax if applicable. International shipments are subject to shipping charges and taxes. For the same organizational entity, if three or more licenses are purchased, the cost of each copy is $350. Prices are subject to change without notice. Please call or fax BlazeTech to order. If you are interested in information on future developments such as a more user-friendly Windows version of PC CHRIS, please click here

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